Like a well-fitted suit, every custom DEAN Bicycle is custom-tailored and precision-crafted to perfectly match the rider’s unique size and riding preferences. Whether you choose a road, gravel, mountain, adventure, or cyclocross frame, rest assured your bike will feel like an extension of your body. Of course, if you opt to build something wholly unique, e.g., a custom track bike or city cruiser, the same rider-specific sizing applies, delivering a product that exceeds your expectations.


Dressed in your riding clothes, we will offer you the opportunity to find the perfect fit using our specialized fitting system, an adjustable bike that derives the ideal riding position. As you spin we carefully monitor your hand and seat position, gauging the bend in your elbow and the alignment of your back, all the while monitoring your pedal stroke until you settle into a comfortable, relaxed riding position, which we replicate on your new bike.


If you are able to visit our shop in Boulder, CO for a custom fitting session that’s always the best option and we’d love to see you here!  Contact  to setup an appointment.


If you are unable to visit our shop in Boulder, CO for a custom fitting session, you can conduct your own fitting session at home by following our fitting instructions. Simply click on the link below to download a detailed set up instructions.  Fill’r out at your convenience and send with a note to  and we’ll get back to you promptly.

*We will credit your off site fit to your bike build up to $200.

Download Fitting Guide